Once upon a time…

There were two fashionable ladies who longed for the classic looks of the Paris runway and the trendy bustle of New York avenues. Alas, while the dream was there, the reality was not and thus, MaisonStyle was born. We have made it our sole mission to educate our fellow fashionistas on the where to buy, how to wear it and who to look out for in our own backyard.

So grab your Prada (or your Payless) and lets get shopping!

Your fashion fairies,

M & R

3 Responses to About

  1. Candy says:

    I look forward to it ladies!!

  2. Mary Anne Moser says:

    Do you have any winter fashion tips for the not-so-tony ski hill set? How can we be steezy when we have to wear balaclavas? We’re off to Sunshine tomorrow and it’s -17C.

  3. miss schwenger says:

    Hi Rachel- I’m in Ottawa and am dying to go shopping wherever you tell me!! Great blog!!
    xo miss schwenger

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