Ford goes further…to the runway.

FordPlanning is well underway for the upcoming season of Ottawa Fashion Week so we felt it was only appropriate to write a piece about runway fashion… but with a twist. We all know that it takes immense inspiration and a clear vision to create a collection and a runway show, but sometimes we forget how much inspiration is then taken from those shows into our everyday life.

The famous scene in The Devil Wears Prada in which Miranda Priestly chastizes Andy for calling the clothing “stuff” reminds us just how influential runway fashion can be. We see current trends in clothing, accessories, home decor, and even art; however, what you might be missing is seeing it in cars. Believe it or not, even the automobile industry is influenced by today’s hottest trends.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Susan Swek, group chief designer, Colour & Material design at Ford Canada for a little Q & A:

1. When did Ford start looking to the runway for inspiration for their car interiors?
We have probably always used fashion as a source for inspiration for future design work and ideas, but also as a confirmation before we launch a new colour or material into our vehicles.

2. What trends taken from the fashion industry can we expect to see in upcoming Ford vehicles?
Trends taken from fashion would be more exploration of different colour spaces for our exteriors and interiors, and more wide-reaching use of textures and executions of different types of textures working together in harmony to create a fresh appearance.

3. As we are a fashion blog and you are a designer, can we ask you what your favourite trend is currently?

Our favourite trend today (and this could change tomorrow or even next week) is the colour trend of pastels and blushes. It provides a fresh approach and new look and a softness to any product.

4. What is your favourite thing about vehicle design?
The best thing about vehicle design is how complex and multi-faceted the process is. We work together with our suppliers, scientists, engineers, marketing, program teams, research, and purchasing counterparts to name a few. And, we work on everything colour or material that the customer sees, touches, feels, interacts with. Colour is in everything, and a material or surface material is on every part of your vehicle. We have to think and design for each and every part the customer interacts with and ensure it meets our DNA, our design language and communicates in harmony the message we want it to.

And there you have it our fellow fashionistas. The next time you go and pick out your biggest accessory,  remember that Ford knows it’s more than just a transmission and wheels.

Your fashion (and beyond) fairies,
M & R

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