Discovering the wonderland of Alice and Alishka

Lucky for us, finding our new favourite local designer didn’t involve a trip down the rabbit hole, Alice and Alishka is a clothing line that is dreamt up and created right here in Ottawa.

We saw Alice show at this past season’s Ottawa Fashion Week and immediately fell in love with all of her feminine pieces.  Her watercolour and  pastel palette and prints are reminiscent of an Impressionist painting and the custom fabrics are a clear example of what sets this designer apart from the crowd. Her background in textile design is evident in the fabrics, all are eco-friendly, custom dyed and printed locally. Alice uses a software that allows her to create individual, unique garments through a digital design process; the sewing is done either in Brampton or Montreal.

Alice and Alishka can be purchased online at her etsy account or at one of Ottawa’s favourite boutiques, Victoire. The price point is generally under $200, which makes it a  local luxury you can definitely afford.

Unlike the white rabbit we won’t be late for her spring collection release, we suggest you don’t be either.

Your fashion fairies,

M & R

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