Friday Favourites: The Maxi Dress

I caved. I finally gave in to the maxi dress. My only mistake was not giving in sooner since it is now a favourite of mine, especially in this unbearable heat, and will be worn many times this summer. For the longest time, and perhaps like many, I was under the assumption that since I’m on the shorter side that a maxi dress would drown me (clearly I wasn’t paying enough attention to Nicole Richie) so as comfy and lovely as they looked I hadn’t even bothered to try one on. However, while shopping one day with my mother in Toronto I came across one too cute to pass up and have been a lover ever since.

They are the incredibly comfortable, and a perfect style for the summer heat. You can find one almost anywhere in any fabric, colour and pattern and are easily dressed up or down. I usually wear mine with flip-flops but if you have a wedge heel or a gladiator sandal, it will look equally as chic. Keep hair and jewelry simple and enjoy staying cool!

Here are a few inspirations:






Happy Friday!

Maxin, relaxin all cool,


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