Standing Tall: My New Favourite Shoe

Surprisingly I haven’t bought new fun shoes in awhile, not for any particular reason, just haven’t been on my shopping priority list. I’ve bought new summer work clothes, end-of-season sweaters, and of course scarves but no shoes. Ok, a small fib since I had to buy a new pair of comfortable flats for a work trip but I don’t count those. However, last week I had to buy a pair for a bachelorette party and now I’m sensing a new obsession.

Usually I wear flip-flops or flats during the summer, I tend to stick with comfort in the heat but these shoes have sparked what may become my summer staple. 

The colour  surprisingly compliments most of my wardrobe, and the platform makes walking a little easier. A platform or high-heel sandal can be an ideal summer shoe (granted you can walk in them) since they can transition from shorts or jeans and a t shirt, to flowy summer dresses or a night out. Make sure to give them a good test walk, anything that pinches or is too tight won’t get any better! I, myself have been guilty of thinking once I “break them in” they’ll be fine and they never are.






As for price points, all shoe stores carry these so no need to break the bank. I tend to spend less on these then something I’ll be wearing a lot like a fall or winter boot. 

Happy Shopping!

Your fashion fairy,

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