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Being a Canadian blog, we are always excited to discover fresh and new homegrown designers so we are thrilled to announce the launch of Osolee. Ottawa-based interior designer and CTV contributor Lee Ann Lacroix has once again shown her creative colours in her debut jewellery line that is trendy, wearable and extremely affordable.
We had the privilege of interviewing her about her new project.

When and how did the idea of designing your own jewellery line come to mind?
The idea came to me because I had so many requests and callbacks from viewers on the pieces that I wore on CTV News at Noon when I had my segments that were for interior design. So while I was in Italy, France, Hong Kong anywhere I was traveling I started to collect pieces and make contacts. I knew one day I was going to develop a line.

Where did the name Osolee come from?
The name Osolee comes from my girl friends.  They would say to me “that is so you lee” in regards to something that I was wearing, so the words were just played with a wee bit.

 We see that your pieces all have names, where did these come from or how do you pick them?
The names come from the people who have inspired me in my life, my friends and nieces.

Where do you draw your inspirations from (or from whom)?

I draw my inspiration from my travels. I have always loved fashion. I like to fashion watch,  will sit at a little bistro with a glass of wine and watch people for hours. I find it fascinating that there are so many women that dress brilliantly they are so creative. We are expressing ourselves in ways we would not even think of 10-15 years ago. I love how there are so many different looks happening at one time-there are so few rules now!

What kind of woman do you design for?
The kind of women that I am thinking of for Osolee is the kind that I just referred to in the last question. Someone who wants to feel free when it comes to fashion, more fashion forward. There is something for every type of woman that is always looking for something different, but at a fair price.

What do you think is the biggest jewellery trend this year and what is your favourite?
The jewellery trend that I am liking most this year would be “the more is the merrier” I find it hard to only wear one piece at a time. I am more about stacking, it looks so fabulous when you see someone out at an event and they have piled on all of their bracelets and necklaces. It really makes a statement. Talk about a wow factor!

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
My favorite piece, that’s a hard one to answer-of course I like them all! But if I had to pick one it would be the rubber and stone line (rings, earrings and bracelets). I like the way it looks and feels. Something about wearing pretty pieces like the Taylor and reminding you that they are rubber!  How fun at the beach!

There is lots to love about this new line! We obviously love that it’s local, nothing makes us prouder than having fabulous fashion from our own backyard. We also love that there is something for everyone; from leather to sparkle to beading, no matter what your taste in jewellery is Lee Ann has designed something for you. As she mentioned, she loves stackable jewellery and this has translated into Osolee with the pieces designed to compliment each other and be worn together. The only problem you’ll have is picking your favourite!







We’re very excited about this launch and we look forward to following the success of it!

Your fashion fairies
M & R

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