RW & CO at the Junos

Last Friday we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at RW & CO’s spring collection. RW & CO. hosted a cocktail party in honour of the 2012 Junos and outfitted some of the Juno attendees with their latest designs.  The celebrity guest list included Carley Ray Jepsen, Mia Martina, Simple Plan, Sam Roberts, Blue Rodeo, Down With Webster among many others.

We must admit, RW & CO. hasn’t always been our first stop in the mall however, we were pleasantly surprise with their new Spring line.  The Canadian owned and operated clothing line has really kicked it up a notch this year incorporating some more modern pieces with bold hues into their classic, effortlessly chic wardrobe.  Our favourites were a 60’s inspired coral pink dress and a long-sleeved white lace mini dress.

After the party, we immediately dashed to the store and spent our swag-bag gift cards to get our hands on some of their fabulous new accessories.  We snagged a hat, two pairs of earrings, a headband and a ring – a complete success!

Great job RW &CO., we’ll be seeing you again shortly.  Thanks for a great evening and very much looking forward to seeing the Spring line in store!

Your Fashion Fairies,

M & R

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