Friday Favourites: Polyvore Magic

Awhile back I posted about my love of Pinterest and the amazing outfit swatch boards you could find on there. I still love Pinterest, but have since stumbled across something that has quickly become a favourite website of mine: Polyvore.

This website is a fashion lover’s bliss; not only can you shop and get help on wardrobe emergencies from other members, but you get to design and create your very own outfits!  For any girl that loved playing dress-up as a kid or who always wanted to be a stylist this site is for you. There are hundreds of items to chose in every colour imaginable and there are even fun add-ons like magazine pages and backgrounds. It’s quite easily the best site I’ve come across in awhile, and have since spent quite a bit (more than I’d like to admit) of time creating.

The site has lots of fun activities to be sure to check this one out.
Here are a few examples of my work:

Happy Friday!

Your Polyvore fairy,

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