Q & A with M & R

We thought we’d do a piece on ourselves to give you (our wonderful and loyal readers) a little more background on who we are. We are always asked questions about why we started MaisonStyle and what wardrobe item we can’t live without, so we came up with this idea to hopefully give more of an idea of who M & R really are.


Q: When and why did you first think about blogging?
M: I have always been interested in fashion and my friends always turn to me for advice on where to shop, what trends to follow etc. so it seemed pretty natural to share that info.  I had thought about fashion blogging and the second R and I realized our shared love for fashion, the blog was born.
R: I love fashion and I love writing so it was a easy combination for me.  I started my own blog before but I didn’t really have a focus and wasn’t dedicated to it so when M brought up the idea of a fashion blog I jumped at the chance to work together. We wanted to bring some passion and knowledge about fashion to this city that generally lacks that life.

Q: Who is your celebrity style crush?
M: Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively. Rachel’s the girl-next-door who always looks effortlessly put together and Blake is simply perfection especially on the red carpet.
R: The Olsen twins: ultimate trend-setters and phenomal designers.  I would looooove to get my hands on all those layering pieces and their boho wardrobes.  Oh and the one and only Mrs. Victoria Beckham. That woman rocks heels better than anyone and has brought back the lady-like class and tailoring we were missing.

Q: When did you become interested in fashion?
M: For as long as I remember. I learned about layaway when I was eight!  When I was 10, a hotel we were staying at caught fire and I threw a fit because I wanted to save my shoes!
R: Grade six or seven I think I started to become really aware and obviously it grew through high school but it wasn’t until about five years ago that it catapulted into the full-blown obsession that is today.

Q: If you were given $5,000 for a shopping spree where you spend it?
M: When at home, BCBG (serious addict) but when away it would be a toss-up between Saks and Neiman Marcus.
R: In Toronto, there are three little boutiques within walking distance of my family home that I go to everytime I’m back…can easily spend a day there. Their styles are relatively the same, edgy but with feminine luxurious pieces.

Q:  What are your items of addiction?
M: Shoes. I lost track of how many at 70,  I could easily spend that $5,000 from question four all on shoes.
R: Oh definitely scarves – solid, printed, wool, cashmere, silk , you name it, I have and probably want more.  It’s really quite a problem, I have no idea how many I own.

Q: What is one thing you’re missing in your wardrobe that you would love to have?
M: Easy: a classic black quilted Chanel clutch and a pair of Louboutins.
R: This may come as a shock to you but I don’t own a leather jacket so that for sure, number one choice. (Donations are welcomed and encouraged!)

Q: What are three items from your wardrobe you can’t live without?
M: Frye tall boots, black Citizen jeans and Ray Bans.
R: Leggings, my FCUK over-sized wool sweater jacket and my black patent leather Coach bag.

Q: What is one trend you will definitely not be wearing?
M: Navajo prints, high waisted pants and the new nail polish trend of one different-coloured nail – I don’t get it.
R: Oxfords! But I’ll second the nail trend.

Q: What is one trend you wish would make a comeback?
M: Tough question since I tend to gravitate towards classics but I did love big hoop earrings.
R:  Tie dye! People still wear it as a joke or at theme parties but I’d love it if it became everyday wear, I have so much of it!

Q: What is your favourite fashion magazine?
M: Elle and InStyle.
R: LouLou and InStyle.

Q: If you could have anyone’s closet for a day who would it be?
M: Olivia Palermo.
R: Gaga. I’d love to see what else she’s hiding in there and what her casual clothes are like.

Q: Looking back, what fashion item was a childhood favourite of yours?
M: I had Punky Brewster high-tops that I was in love with.
R: Oh man, I don’t even want to admit some of them but neon shoelaces were a definite repeat offender.

Q: Does the love of fashion run in the family?
M:  My family are crazy shoppers.  They tend to gravitate more towards home decor but my grams has countless bags and shoes so I suppose I take after her.
R: My mama, hands down has been the biggest influence. She taught me how to shop, how to dress and has impeccable taste.  Actually most of my best pieces have been her hand-me-downs or bought for me by her.  My sister also has wild taste, she has everything from  Jimmy Choo’s to mass amounts of Value Village finds.

Q: What is your day job now and what job would you give it up for?
M: I’m a international sales manager in the biotechnology industry.  My ideal job would be on the business side of the fashion industry like corporate sales or a buyer.
R: I work in the Public Affairs department for a non-profit.  My dream job would be a fashion editor or director of a magazine (again offers welcomed and encouraged!)

Q: Are your styles similar and do you style each other?
M&R: We aren’t polar opposites but we definitely have our own distinct taste.  We both share the same eye for quality, tailoring and style but gravitate towards different trends and pieces.  Yes, we definitely style each other and we both happen to have converted bedrooms into walk-in closets and dressing rooms.

Q: Do you have a memorable shopping moment?
M: I have many but back to school shopping at Le Cottonier and Jacob Jr. would top the list,  I used to get very excited about buying headbands and tights that matched my outfits.  Looking back, it was all a fashion disaster but I was thrilled at the time.  The girls in my family, all my cousins and aunts, used to pile into a minivan every year and drive down to Syracuse and Massena in the U.S. to take advantage of the discount pricing.
R:  For some reason my grade seven back-to-school shopping at Jacob Jr.  Picked up a pair of brown flared cords and velour t-shirts in multiple colours. Best part? They were lime green and a deep raspberry with red stripes.

So there you have it! We always love answering your questions and hearing from you so please contact us!

Your fashion fairies,

M & R

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