St. Patrick’s Day: Dressing In Green Without Spending The Green

This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, or the unofficial International Day of Drinking to many.

Back in university St. Patty’s Day was always quite the celebration; the end of school was near, the warmer weather had started, and students always love a reason to party. However, this weekend as I head back home for the celebration, I realize that I’m not 20 anymore and wearing bright green short-shorts with equally bright knee socks may not be the most adult (although don’t get me wrong, I’ll never be too old for ridiculous green hats and sunglasses). Thus, the dilemma of what to wear.

Whether you’re staying in one place or bar-hopping, wearing something that’s casual, comfortable and can get dirty is key. Since I’m all about buying pieces that are versatile and wearable with pieces already in your wardrobe, this St. Patty’s Day shopping for items that can be worn again is a must. Lucky for us, green is a huge colour again this spring so choose something you’re most likely to wear throughout the season.

Here are my picks for this St. Patrick’s Day:







Coloured denim is everywhere and this shade goes really well with neutrals and other brights like pink or yellow, perfect for the summer! I’ve already declared my love for bright blazers and this one is really soft, a great pick for the cooler nights and perfect for pairing with a white pant or jeans. The dress is great either booties (shown in the picture) and a blazer for a more polished look or with flip-flops and an over-sized hat.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Your fashion o’fairy,

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