The Hottest Jewellery Trends for 2012

As trends change from year to year, fashion conscious jewellery lovers keep an eye on the catwalks to see what leading designers are working on and where the season’s inspiration will fall.

Silver jewellery never goes out of fashion and whilst trends change and shapes reinvent themselves, the basic attraction to precious metals continues.

Handmade and Natural

Strong in the fashion stakes for 2012 are the handmade and natural, from handcrafted metalwork to the use of naturally occurring materials such as pearls or precious metals. Also echoing nature is the trend for filigree metalwork. With the rising costs of precious metals such as gold, jewellery uses more open-lattice work that creates a look that’s both dramatic and delicate at the same time. Filigree work may incorporate gemstones or leave the metal itself to make its statement.

Themes From Nature

Everyone has their eye on conservation and the environment, so design shapes reflect those concerns with floral motifs and those from the animal kingdom. Look out for classically designed earrings and bracelets and well as anklets and pendants. Look out also for butterflies, snakes and scorpions or frogs and fish, as the trend expands across the natural world and takes in a jungle theme. The natural theme is also echoed in the choice of base materials, with jewellery made from wood or featuring wooden beads or carvings.

Statement Colours

Maybe because the economy has been so gloomy, or maybe just because we like them, colours this year are vibrant and earthy. Blues are tipped to be hot, with hues taken from the turquoise, aqua and azure palettes. Tangerine and burnt orange shades feature strongly, as do most earth colours of green, brown and gold. Those who like to play with fashion will appreciate the pink revival with every shade from hot to palest pastel. Expect also to see colour blocking, a trend carried over from textile fashion, where strong colours are laid in bands next to each other for a striking effect.

Statement Sizes

Oversized, bold, fashion jewellery continues to be on trend in 2012. Expect large, bright pendants on ribbon or striking metallic chains, crosses with a handcrafted look and wide cuff bracelets with faux or natural crystal gemstones in different colours and mixed shape arrangements.

Fashion rings feature large oval or square stones surrounded by multi-coloured smaller gems. The shoulders are ornate, featuring fine filigree metalwork or simple claw settings to hold solitaire, faceted gemstones.

Vintage Versus Contemporary

The lines between classic vintage and modern become blurred as contemporary designs echo the styles of bygone eras and recapture Art Deco sophistication or Victorian romance. Pearls have also come back into favour, with modern faux pearls given a sheen of colour, such as gold or pink, to match the overlying colour trend.

Tassels, an old favourite that’s been out of favour for some years, sees a comeback, as do items that feature a more personal touch such as lockets and letters or initials.

Jewellery fashion in 2012 is about personal expression, whether in colour and style, or materials and design. Versatility and adaptability coupled with chic sophistication are the watchwords of the upcoming jewellery trends.

Guest Blogger

Zoe is an avid blogger and experienced freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge through content on the internet. Zoe is currently writing on behalf of costume jewellery brand Pearl and Butler.

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