Friday Favourites: Arm Candy

Having recently moved and had the chore of sifting through and re-organizing my wardrobe I learned that I have a slight problem (read: obsession) with shopping. Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me, or to anyone who knows me, but it was a good opportunity for me to take inventory on what’s in my closet.

I am definitely not lacking in the purse department but I have a hard time denying myself the pleasure of new arm candy. Lucky for me, one of my favourite spots to shop when I’m on vacation is the Coach outlet; I still am in love with my purchase from last year and was thrilled when I came across this beauty that became an immediate favourite of mine.

This vacation flew by much too fast but I’ll feel better heading back with this on my arm.

Your fashion fairy,


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1 Response to Friday Favourites: Arm Candy

  1. Candice Chiu says:

    Nice!! I just picked up a little goodie from Coach down in Maine… yes Maine – believe it or not!

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