Grammy Awards 2012 Fashion Recap: The Sharp, The Flat and The Ugly

As major music lovers, we are always extra excited for the Grammy’s.  With the unfortunate passing of the great Whitney Houston overshadowing this year’s awards, the mood threatened to be sombre but with some incredible music performances and some not so incredible dresses, the 54th Grammy’s were anything but flat.

Perhaps it’s due to the creative crowd that gathers for these awards but the Grammy’s always seem to have some of the more wild picks-will we ever forget Jennifer Lopez’s famous Versace?-This year’s was no exception which included an orange lace dress over black undergarments, a skin-tight black veil that gave you an instant facelift and the oddest accessory? a pope!

Here are our picks for the 2012 Grammy’s Best Dressed:

Eat your heart out Chris Brown! Rihanna has never looked better, looking absolutely stunning in a custom black Armani dress with plunging neckline, this is by far our favourite look of the evening.  Carrie Underwood, to no surprise, looked elegant as always in her long sleeve Gomez-Garcia sequin gown.  Not usually on our radar, Jessie J turned heads in her metallic bustier dress by Julien MacDonald – we hope she continues with this look!  It seems like forever since we’ve last seen Paris Hilton on a red carpet but she looked stunning (we couldn’t believe it ourselves!) in her white Basil and Soda dress.

The performances definitely outdid the fashion at this event, the red carpet offered slim pickings, but with talent like isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Next up: it’s Oscar time!

Off to Ottawa Fashion Week now, see you there!

Your red carpet-obsessed fashion fairies,

M & R

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