Friday Favourites: End of Season Sales

The groundhog’s are calling for an early Spring and despite the cold front moving in, the last few days have given us a nice reminder of what can be expected in the coming weeks! As always, the changing of the season also means the clearance of inventory; stores go into high-gear trying to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

The sales will vary from store-to-store but major season changes usually will mean there are major deals to be found; I just to happen to have be lucky enough to score some serious steals last weekend at The Bay. I almost always have luck finding sales at The Bay and this time was no different; I picked up a new winter coat, a pair of cropped dress pants and a blazer for about $100 (give or take the tax)!

Slim Cuffed Cropped Pant, Jessica Simpson (originally $75, sale $17)

There’s lots to be found around the city so why are you still sitting there reading? Hurry!

Your thrifty fashion fairy,


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