The Bold and the Beautiful

Maryam Keyhani isn’t one to shy away from a challenge: quitting her PR job at fashion label Pink Tartan in the middle of a recession to start her own jewellery line didn’t faze the 27 year old Torontonian; as she tells Toronto Life, “I need to be creative…I’d rather be broke than unhappy”.

While many of us daydream about having that kind of courage, Keyhani had the guts to go through with it-and it’s finally paying off. A painter with a love of art history, Keyhani’s bold and unusual designs marry her creativity with her eye for detail and love of pieces that have a history-she even Googles her customers before she sells to them, to make sure the jewellery is going to a good home! Details like Spanish lace and feathers feminize her graphic gold necklaces, while her trendy colours of light lemons, creams and cotton-candy pinks have made her work a hit for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, even being featured in February’s Harper’s Bazaar UK .

It’ll take some dedication from potential buyers to get their hands on her gems: she only sells her pieces from her website,, and even then you need to be a registered member to view the selection. (Regardless, Keyhani’s pieces are worth checking out even just to draw inspiration from)
A Canadian girl garnering international attention for her swoon-worthy jewellery? Who could ask for more!

Style for style,
-Toronto-based guest contributor

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