Friday Favourites: Shopping Sidekicks

Last week we talked about the tips to a successful and stress-free shopping experience. This week, we’re talking about something equally as important, WHO we shop with.

Many shoppers have a preference of who they enjoy shopping with. Other than my mother (who taught me everything I know and love about fashion) and M I actually prefer to shop on my own. When you shop by yourself you are under no pressure to rush through racks or stores, and you avoid having your companion’s tastes influence your decisions.

However, having a sidekick also has its benefits. M is always good at keeping me on track and reminding me that I don’t need yet another grey sweater or striped shirt (I tend to disagree). She also is always honest and I trust I will never walk out with something that isn’t flattering.

Whether it’s your friend, your sibling or even your significant other we all have our reasons for who we shop with.  Whatever those reasons may be, make sure you are enjoying their company; we’ve all shopped with someone who is a bit TOO honest, talks us out of something we love (or into something we don’t), or the one whose budget may make us stretch ours.

So as I’m off to the most important styling day of my life (and M‘s biggest dress purchase of hers) let’s hope she’s as confident in her sidekick tomorrow as the rest of you are in yours.

Your (and M‘s) fashion fairy,


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