Cable-Knit Love

Living in the capital city of this great but sometimes bitterly cold country, it becomes equally as important to be dressed warmly as it does fashionably. Winter definitely complicates fashion choices by the need to be bundled up and layered even just to make it to the car.

Cable-knit is an all-time favourite this time of year, and now more than ever your options are not limited to that sweater from Grandma.

It’s simple to wear, just keep in mind not to go overboard. Yes, a cable-knit sweater, skirt, tights, hat and mitts are too much, stick to one or two.

Happy Shopping!

Your cozy fashion fairies,

M & R

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1 Response to Cable-Knit Love

  1. Clara Gwendolyn says:

    Great blog!! Always!
    The commercial cable knits are an excellent way to give my wardrobe cozy winter flair. The stores you mentioned carry nice basic pieces but do you have any ideas for sweaters made out of more interesting yarn?

    Sometimes stores that sell wool carry handmade sweaters in fine wool or wool-blends. Are there any in Ottawa?

    Thanks for your fashion investigations.

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