Friday Favourites: The Art of Shopping

MaisonStyle has been very busy styling people for the upcoming holiday season which requires numerous shopping trips with the less seasoned shoppers.  Shopping with and for others often gives us a look into other people’s shopping habits, and it became apparent to us that one reason people give up is simply not being prepared.
We’re not talking psychologically prepared here (although that is important especially this time of year!), we’re talking plain and simple, physical preparedness.

Yes it is true, there is proper attire to go shopping in to make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible. After years of experience, here are our favourite rules to stick by:

1) Proper undergarments: As lazy sometimes as we may be, wearing the wrong bra and undies can be a big mistake. If you are on a mission for a specific top or bottom, wearing improper undergarments can alter the look of an item. If you’re looking for a strapless dress, go wearing your strapless bra. Small move, big pay-off.

2) Wear leggings (or your choice of other stretchy pant):  Although a somewhat overdone trend, leggings are easily taken off and put back on.  In some cases, you don’t even need to take them off at all – we try on dresses with leggings all the time!  Plus, they are incredibly comfortable (just please make sure your shirt is long enough – a tragic mistake otherwise)
*Our favourite legging option are actually pants from Lululemon.  They look just like leggings but are a bit thicker and last a million times longer. You can also find them for less at Winners.

3) Wear a tank top and loose shirt or sweater: Line-ups for dressing rooms can be insane, especially around the holidays so sometimes it’s just that much easier to try on a top in the middle of the store.  Better yet if you have a tank on and leggings, there’s almost no need to go in the room for a quick change! If you do need a room however, wearing a top that is easily thrown off makes it quick and with a basic staple underneath it allows for the best idea of what your item will look like back at home.

4)A cross-body bag: We like these because they free-up both hands to browse. It’s also easier to have a free hand if you end up with lots of shopping bags or if you need a snack! (Another key to a succcessful shop)  Nothing more awkward than trying to juggle a clunky bag with one hand and purchases and a bagel in the other!
Also, before you leave the house, minimize what you put in your purse -bare necessities only. This also limits the weight on your shoulder (M is insanely guilty of carrying a bag that weighs more than she does.)

5) Wear boots or flats: Same goes for your feet as the rest of your body, you want footwear that is easy to slip on and off for the multiple shoe trials.  Wear flats!  No laces, no heels no clumsy buckles.  Simple, no-fuss footwear.

Stick to these principles and we promise you’ll have a much more enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience.

Good luck!

Your helpful holiday shopping elves,

M & R

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