mia bridal co: more than just a dress

A few weeks ago I kicked off my wedding dress shopping adventure.  After visiting several different stores and boutiques, one store stood out above the rest: Mia Bridal.

I committed the first faux-pas of dress shopping when I went into several stores without an appointment.  Although I know that making appointments are more or less expected in this industry, my frantic life has not made it easy to plan ahead.  Unlike several of the stores I visited, the sales person at Mia Bridal did not make me feel guilty in the least for just stopping-in.  The lovely little saleslady was in the middle of an appointment upstairs in the store but asked me to be patient for 15 minutes and I would get the opportunity to try some dresses on.  I did, and I fell in love.  15 minutes past closing, I left the store with many options to chose from and a renewed appreciation for good customer service.  Despite having an affinity for Lazaro dresses which are a bit beyond my budget, I plan to make some budgetary adjustments and return to the store.

Wedding dress shopping is stressful – having great service and knowledgeable staff is extremely valuable and rewarding – a service worth paying for!

Your service lovin’ fashion fairy,


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2 Responses to mia bridal co: more than just a dress

  1. We would love to reprint your article on the Ottawa Wedding Style BLog…and perhaps follow you along your wedding planning journey! We LOVE Mia…some amazing dresses and the Staff are incredible!

    • MaisonStyle says:

      Hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece. Yes, please copy print the article on your Blog, send us the link when you do! We welcome suggestions for working together. Following my wedding planning journey? What did you have in mind? We are totally open – maybe you can e-mail us at infomaisonstyle@gmail.com.

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