Friday Favourites: Style Boards

If you spend a fair amount of time online and tend to favour fashion, home or food sites you may have already come across Pinterest. If you aren’t familiar yet with it Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and if you’re like me and own hundreds of magazines then this site is for you. Not only does it allow you to save pictures in an organized fashion, it allows you to get great ideas of how to re-wear and re-use old clothing and of course add to that never-ending wish list!

My favourite aspect is the outfit swatch boards. I’m not alone when I say that sometimes getting up in the morning and trying to put together a look is followed by a pile of clothes on the floor and the exclamation “I have NOOOOO clothes!” Taking a glimpse of some of these may spark a new way to re-wear an old shirt, or just take the chore out of putting together an ensemble. For more ideas or to start your own pinboards, check out their website.

Your pinning-happy fashion fairy,


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1 Response to Friday Favourites: Style Boards

  1. Emily says:

    I can’t believe this wasn’t already a Friday favourite. Happy pinning!

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