Sparkling Soiree

Nothing like spending a Tuesday evening with champagne, jewellery and AMH. A lovely gathering of delicious appetizers (made by the MR. Alison Hughes), delightful company and dazzling jewellery.

Whether you were looking to get a head-start on your Christmas shopping or just a little something for yourself Mafia, Love, Montreal, Nana and Pish-Posh jewellery had it all.
Mafia had a unique display of gold pieces (though silver pieces are also available), this ring was my favourite.








Pish-Posh also had a very lovely display with delicate necklaces, bracelets and stackable rings.








It was my first time being introduced to Love, Montreal but instantly fell in love with the very affordable, sparkling items. With prices ranging from $8-$35 these pieces make excellent hostess gifts, stocking stuffers or just a little pizazz for a holiday outfit








Alison sure knows how to throw a party! AMH’s racks are stocked for the winter with an abundance of shoes, boots, coats and holiday dresses perfect for this season so if you need something for an upcoming party be sure to stop in here first.

Your fashion fairy,


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