Classic Clothing Critique: Vintage Clothing Show

A few Sundays ago, a few of us went to the vintage clothing show at Chateau Laurier. Having been to the one in Toronto recently I was anticipating finding more or less of the same. However, to my surprise this show was 10 times the size as the one in Toronto with a much better selection of treasures from the past.

Naively, I wasn’t planning on finding anything that I would want to purchase since I had thought I’d seen it all before; three full ballrooms of booths stuffed with purses, furs, clothes, shoes, jewelry and trinkets, there wasn’t enough time (or energy) to look at it all.

I’ve long debated about buying fur. As an animal lover and product of the 20th century, it’s been all but drilled into my head about the cruelty of wearing it, but as a fashion lover and collector of classic items, it’s also right at the top of the list. After browsing from rack to rack of mink, fox and rabbit I finally gave in to a beautiful and warm-a necessity for the upcoming winter-fur hat and jacket. The best part? A total of $65. Shoppers tip: going later in the day may not leave the best inventory but sellers are more willing to negotiate prices.

 I wasn’t the only successful one that day; also purchased was a silk scarf, a fur stole, and two beautiful Canadian-made winter coats. While some may find these prices on the high end for items from years ago, what they might forget is the quality that these items possess.

For those of you that missed this show, do not make the mistake again!

Your Vintage Vixen,

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