The Quest for the Perfect Tote

A friend of mine, AK recently came to me inquiring about the best tote.
-Able to fit and carry everything in it.
-It had to be comfortable on her shoulder, none of this lob-sided walking business that I see WAY too much of. Ladies: take care of your posture!
– Had to avoid the school-age look
– Price range? No more than $200.

I thought, not a problem I’ll come up with many options…however, to my surprise, once I started looking around online I was surprised at how difficult this proved to be. It’s definitely better to look in person for a bag of specific requirements.

When you’re looking to carry your life around in one bag there are a few things to keep in mind, most of which AK listed.

1. Comfort! Over time, having a bag that throws off your posture or walking will have a negative impact on your body. Make sure to test out the bag with heavy items before purchasing. The strap shouldn’t be too skinny or it will dig into you.
2. Durability. When you’re carrying a laptop, portfolios, lunch, make-up, and even an extra sweater you can’t have your bag falling apart on you in the middle of the day. Leather is always a wise choice however it isn’t always easiest to clean. Always check the hooks, straps and seams of a bag to see how durable and well-made they are. They’re what keep the bag together.
3. Versatility. If you’re shelling out a few hundred dollars you want to be able to wear this bag with more than just one outfit. Sticking with a neutral tone or even one with a bright colour but otherwise plain will ensure this can easily transition into a weekend bag as well.

Here are a few I found that may fit the profile.

For less costly options, always check Winners and The Bay.

Happy Shopping!

Your fashion fairy,


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