Friday Favourite: Mackage, The Total Package

The only thing better than spoiling yourself is being spoiled by someone else!  This Friday I was surprised with a brand new Mackage leather jacket.  After spotting it during the week at Winners but bravely walking away from it, my other half went and scoured the racks and brought it home to me.  Yes, you heard right, Winners has Mackage jackets!

If you aren’t familiar with Mackage yet, one quick look at their designs, and you will be reminded why you should be proud to be Canadian.  This Montreal-based company launched their first line of outerwear in 2000 and has continued to make some of the best looking coats and jackets in the industry.  Most recently, in 2o10, they launched their first ready-to-wear clothing line.  Mackage has been a favourite of mine for years and has accumulated a large crowd of celebrity followers over the last decade.

Mackage coats and jackets can be readily found at Holt Renfrew, Schad and Aritzia but be sure to check out Winners first.  The price tag on mine had been slashed a few hundred dollars!

Your very spoiled fashion fairy,

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3 Responses to Friday Favourite: Mackage, The Total Package

  1. Christie says:

    They also own Soia and Kyo who’s jackets are similar but come at a much lower cost! Oh, and can be found at winners.

  2. .krista says:

    Just came across your blog via mia bridal’s post. Loving it so far! Everything you list, I’m able to relate to. (I adore Mackage, covet Wendy’s Look Book, and bought my wedding dress from Mia Bridal this past year as well) So keep up the amazing posts, I look forward to reading them from here on in!

    • MaisonStyle says:

      Hi Krista,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you like the blog, we really enjoy writing it. Feel free to send along any ideas, we are totally open to suggestions. Thanks for reading:)

      M & R

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