What’s Old Is New Again

I love old finds, always have. Every since I was a little girl I loved to play dress-up in my old clothes.  It’s funny to think that one day what I now own will be considered vintage.

While purchasing quality vintage isn’t cheap as one may think, the price is worth the find. This past weekend I went to a vintage clothing show in Toronto. Booth upon booth of luxurious furs, hats, * jewelry a wide variety of clothes from the last century. As much I would of loved to have walked away with most of what I saw, I narrowed it down to a sequined shrug and a 1950s white coat. Total cost, $30.

For those of you who are also vintage lovers, the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale is back on November 6th at the Chateau Laurier from 10-5 pm. There’s 45 exhibitors from across the country so I suggest getting there at the start for first pick!

Can’t wait until November? Check out these Ottawa vintage stores:

Young Janes-203 Dalhousie St.
Ragtime Vintage-43 Flora St.
Aunt Olive’s-209 Gilmour St.

Happy Shopping!

Your fashion fairy,

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2 Responses to What’s Old Is New Again

  1. Leah says:

    Great finds! I’ll be missing the Ottawa show this year for the first time in forever – but don’t feel too sorry for me…I’ll be in NYC trying to find myself a vintage wedding dress.

    There is a a Facebook page called Ottawa Vintage Fashion News – it is another great way to keep on top of all vintage sales in Ottawa.

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