Friday Favourites: Black Magic

As I have said time and time again, I almost never chose to wear pants instead of skirts, or dresses.  I have always felt that my body was not designed for pants – until now!
I have found the perfect pair of jeans both fashionable and comfortable.

I first laid eyes on them on a colleague of mine while travelling in Prague.  I was surprised and skeptical to hear that she had worn these black jeans on her trip over, jeans on a plane?  How uncomfortable I thought!  She called them her “Magic Pants”.  These said “magic pants” were in fact Citizens of Humanity Black Avedon jeans.  Upon my return to Ottawa, I took her word for it and went and tried them on,  success! At last, my legs have found the perfect match!

These jeans fit snug to your body but have enough stretch that you can still comfortably move.  It’s no wonder celebrities such as Kim Kardashian-“Humphries”, Charlize Theron and Rachel Bilson are huge fans of these jeans.

These MAGIC pants come in blue, black and grey among other colours.  I suggest going one-two sizes down to get the right fit.  You can find them in Ottawa at any Aritzia store,  try them on,  you won’t regret it!

Your newly-converted jean lovin’ fashion fairy,


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One Response to Friday Favourites: Black Magic

  1. Kate says:

    Spread the gospel!!!

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