Friday Favourite: Everyone’s a Winner

Everyone loves a good deal, there isn’t one person who doesn’t enjoy feeling like they got their money’s worth (especially in this economy). There is always one place I can count on repeatedly and that’s Winners.

It is rare for me to walk out of Winners empty-handed but this week was an especially good visit. I went with a friend with no expectations and really nothing in mind that I was looking for (also rare) but have decided that maybe that’s the best way to shop. After very little perusing I came away with two of my best purchases.

In the market for nude pumps but never thinking to look at Winners I strolled up and down the shoe aisle when what do I find? You guessed it Einsteins, nude pumps. But not just any, a fabulous slingback pair of Steve Maddens ON SALE for $46.

I also stumbled upon-in the junior section no less-a long sleeve black lace dress (picture below is not exact) Perfect with my new shoes, or paired with coloured tights and booties. And the price tag? $24.






So for those of you who get frustrated and overwhelmed at the mass that is Winners, don’t give up, there is hope and when you win, you win big.

Your fashion fairy,






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2 Responses to Friday Favourite: Everyone’s a Winner

  1. Karmjot says:

    Where can I buy this dress?

    • MaisonStyle says:

      Hi Karmjot, sorry for the late reply. As you know, Winners is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. You will likely find similar options at many winners locations. Alternatively I have seen a very similar dress from Talula at Aritzia. Happy shopping!

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