Istanbul: A Kaleidoscope of Colour

It’s been a while since our last Travel Trends piece but bags are packed and I’m jet-setting once again.  On this journey I was brought to Istanbul, Turkey, a magnificent city that straddles both Europe and Asia.  Because the city has influences from both continents, it’s bursting at the seams with interesting new designers and trends.

I unfortunately didn’t get to do much shopping while in town as I was there for work, but I did manage to make my way to the world famous bazaars and spice markets.  This may seem like an odd place to draw inspiration for fashion but it’s actually quite the contrary.  The colours from the spices and the patterns displayed on the glass lanterns and silk carpets would make anyone’s jaw drop, designer or not; burnt oranges, deep brown, and rich mustards and reds – I immediately thought of coloured tights for fall.

If you know me, you know that I rarely wear pants, I tend to always opt either for skirts or dresses.   A great way to transition a dress from summer to fall is to wear it with a great pair of tights.  I tend to stick to two principles: colour or pattern – both can be risky or tacky if not worn properly.  The 2011 fall runways were full of interesting options and already hitting a high note with the celebs:

With so many options this fall, it’s hard to know which ones to choose, and how much to spend!  Typically for basic wardrobe tights that I plan on wearing several times, I find that spending about $20 is appropriate. For options that I will wear less frequently or that I just want to experiment with, you can easily find these for under $10.  Fancy Sox in the Rideau Center offers the best selection although they are on the pricier side.  You can also find basic black, camel, nude and brown tights and stockings at Aritzia these days (I just picked up camel-coloured knitted ones the other day).  For cheaper alternatives, The Bay, Forever 21(now open at the Rideau Centre), Jacob and even Walmart (their George line is particularly comfortable).

So be adventurous my fellow readers, dare to tantalize those taste buds with a pair of tights or two.  There’s no easier way to spice up a plain outfit!

your mustard wearing fashion fairy,


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  1. says:

    I LOVE tights! and skipping pants if at all possible too! M – you and I have bonded over the confines of pants 🙂 My favorite way to experiment with patterned tights while still keeping them work appropriate is to layer them over another pair of tights. For example I frequently slip on a pair of opaque tights and then a pattered pair over top. This way you get to have the fun pattern while not feeling too ‘exposed’ at work. Yay for tights season!!

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