Fall Preview: These Boots Were Made For Walkin

Fall is our favourite season; the leaves change colour, pumpkin chai lattes make a comeback and we get to put away our summer dresses. Our not-so-secret love of shoes made it a no-brainer to do our first fall preview on boots. Heel or flat, tall or short, we can’t get enough of them.

Here we break down a few of the popular styles to add to your closet this season.

1) The Riding Boot. This boot is a classic and is the number one boot you should have and if you don’t should be the one you buy this season. A black, brown or caramel coloured riding boot will never go out of style so this is the one it’s okay to invest in. Another plus, they’re the most versatile, they look equally great with skinny jeans or leggings as they do with skirts or a dress.

2) The Wedge Boot(ie). This short boot is more of a current trend than a classic but if you’re looking for something more fashion-forward this is it.  It’s wedge makes it’s more comfortable than a heel without sacrificing height. Balance out the rest of your outfit by wearing a lean silhouette.

3) The Military Boot. This combat style boot is on the edgy side but that doesn’t mean that all of you needs to be. While this boot may be commonly wore with skinny pants or leggings and a leather jacket pairing it with a floral feminine dress and a blazer gives it a whole new look. The flat sole also makes them comfortable so you can easily wear them all day.

4) The Heel Boot (or bootie).  This boot is for those who want the added height and flair. The stacked heel goes from day and night,  is great with flowy skirts for a 70s look, and is more comfortable (for some) with the thicker heel. The teetering height of stiletto boots (or booties) makes them a must-have for a night out, so no grocery shopping in these! There are lots of options, knee-high, ankle-high, or mid-calf so pick your favourite, or all 3!

There are always endless options when it comes to shoes and boots, and fall always has our favourite selection! The boot is versatile, comfortable and timeless. Put your money into the well-made classics but an edgier pair are always needed for any woman’s closet.

Happy Shopping!

Fallin’ in love with Fall,

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