Friday Favourites: Silver Bracelets

We all have our own jewelry-wearing routine. Some may wear just their wedding ring, others may wear the whole nine yards. Some may choose to mix it up daily to match their outfit or just stick with a standard selection. Whichever you chose it’s what works for you and your taste. I fall under the “standard selection” category: small diamond studs, my Pyrrha dog necklace, my watch, and a few silver bracelets.

Silver bracelets have been a staple of mine for several years now. I tend to stick with silver just as a preference and so since my watch and rings tend to be sterling, silver bangles are an easy add-on.

For the most part I wear the same collection of thin silver bangles that can be found anywhere from Claires to Peoples or even Ten Thousand Villages. However, to keep it from looking too blah I throw in one or two special ones, like my Stella and Dot clover bracelet and the classic Tiffany’s.


   So whether you’re a one item kind of gal, or fully-decked out, its your personal showcase what you like and what is meaningful to you. It’s always good to have a few statement pieces but sticking with a few tried and true never fails either.

Your fashion fairy,


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