Emmys 2011 Red Carpet Review: And a RED carpet it was

After a string of disappointing award shows, it was a pleasant surprise to sit down and watch the Emmy Awards. The show itself may not have been riveting but it was nice for a change to have many dresses to choose our favourites from.

Red was definitely the “it” colour this year. Our favourite aspect was that many wore dresses that were perfect for their shape-ALWAYS the most important-with lots of colour and detail.

All of these women chose form-fitting silhouettes that flattered their figures and stood out by staying classy and feminine. Sofia Vergara knows how to dress her curves and chose a beautiful coral Vera Wang. Lea Michele and our very own Nina Dobrev stunned in simple yet elegant red gowns that complimented their dark features. Claire Danes and Evan Rachel Wood (a first for our best dressed list) went the sparkly route and chose very different yet both stunning gowns. We loved the blue and black and embellishments on Claire who has been on quite the fashion roll. Evan and Cat also chose classic silhouettes but the sparkle and detail on both made them anything but boring.

A few however were not as impressive, here are our least favourites.

Olivia Munn’s electric green was a bit too bright for an evening gown and the fit looked over-sized and sloppy; Heidi Klum, who normally is a hit, was a miss in this as the skirt was too much material and looked more like a cake topper. We weren’t sure what to think about Gwyneth’s two-piece ensemble; it had a dated look to it (think 90s) and lacked any sort of oomph.  Amy Poehler wasn’t too far off, we liked the colour and shimmer but the fit was a bit on the tight side.

It’s a good problem to have when there are many beautiful dresses to choose from so we aren’t complaining; the stars brought their A-game, something that’s been lacking the last few shows. Important lesson to learn here ladies: always dress to fit your figure. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive dress or the fanciest shoes, if your dress is too tight, too loose, too short or just all wrong it’s all anyone will remember. You want to wear the dress, not have the dress wear you.

Your fashion fairies,

M & R

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