Friday Favourites: Ode to Weitzman

This week’s Friday Favourite was easy for me to pick: my newly acquired Stuart Weitzman heels. To put it mildly, I am obsessed.

I was on the prowl for a bootie or a wedge when I came across this pair and once I tried them on…game over, it was love at first sight. They are extremely comfortable (thanks to the platform) and being black suede they’re also very versatile so I am going to wear them with EVERYTHING; jeans, tights, dresses, skirts, shorts-at least for a few more weeks-maybe even my pj’s. Okay, not those but they’re just so yummy!

The price was definitely extravagant but as I’ve stated many times before and I continue to learn from bad choices myself, cheap shoes are NOT worth it. These shoes will be around for years to come and my feet will definitely thank me so while I may be stuck with water and crusts of bread for a few months at least I’ll be eating in style.

Worshipping Weitzman,


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