Friday Favourites: Emma Stone the Starlet

Sometimes we have little things we want to blog about that just don’t fit in anywhere else so we decided to come up with Friday Favourites. Each Friday we are going to post a little piece about something we love, so without further ado, our first “Friday Favourite”.

We constantly browse websites, follow fashion blogs and read magazines to see the latest fashion trends and the popular trend-setters. Many of these trend-setters are celebrities, though wouldn’t we all look fabulous 24/7 with a personal entourage? From time to time we fall in love-albeit a bit obsessed-with certain girls who time after time wow us with their fashion style, so we’re going to toast one of these ladies, Miss Emma Stone.

Emma Stone burst onto the movie scene in Superbad and has continued to be a permanent face on the big screen. This year alone she’s starring in 3 major films.
She’s an equally big star on the red carpet, knowing what looks good on her and never afraid to take risks (she’s been a blonde, a brunette AND a redhead).

She has her casual style down to a T, loving skinny jeans, and basic tops.

Her evening wear tends to include lots of minis and sky-high heels which show off her long legs, she nicely balances these legs by either higher necklines or covered shoulders.

Her humour and relaxed way about her gives her the girl-next-door relate-ability but she’s by no means plain or boring. As she’s proven time and time again, her fashion choices are sleek, feminine and dare I say hot? In our fashion books, she gets an Easy A.

Smitten with Stone,

M & R

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