Canadian Spotlight: Pyrrha

I love jewelry, anyone who knows me knows that. I keep all my bracelets categorized by colour in clear boxes, I have countless rings and strand after strand of necklaces. My favourite pieces are unique, whether delicate or statement and are items that I can wear for years.

Jewelry company, Pyrrha, fits all my criteria with the added bonus of being Canadian. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed and handcrafted by Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore of Vancouver and are 19th Century wax seals that have been made into meaningful pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Each piece of jewelry is made from reclaimed sterling silver, bronze or 14k gold.

Clockwise from left
1. Mini Luck and Protection Wax Seal Stud Earrings, $226
2. Maternal Devotion Wax Seal Necklace, $238
3. Wings of Friendship Wax Seal Multi Bangle, $372
4. Mini Hearts Wax Seal Hoop Earrings, 226
5. Letter M Initial Wax Seal Necklace, $166
6. Dog Wax Seal Necklace, $140-owned and worn everyday by R

My favourite part about this jewelry is the different meaning behind each piece (the dog means loyalty and friendship, the maternal devotion necklace depicts a pelican feeding her young symbolizing nurturance and virtue). These meanings are sentimental and personal, making them the perfect present for anyone on any occasion.

While their pricing can be more on the expensive side, these are definitely investment pieces and good jewelry is always worth the cost.

For a complete look at their collection visit their website.
You can order their jewelry online or shop in person at any of the Ottawa Magpie locations.

Your fashion fairy,


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One Response to Canadian Spotlight: Pyrrha

  1. exactly where do they sell dark earrings for men?

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