Mad Men Mania

It may not be back on air until 2012 –tear-but Mad Men is still alive and well, at least at Banana Republic. The American retailer has launched their limited-edition Mad Men Collection, created with the show’s costumer designer Janie Bryant, and it’s just what us Betty, Joan and Peggy wannabes could have asked for.

The 65 piece collection brings us the best of ’60s fashion with tailored suits for the gentlemen and the famous body-hugging sheaths, high-waisted skirts and lady-like accessories for the women.

The affordable line ($40-$250) has something for everyone and all the pieces are perfect for the fall and will fit nicely into the rest of your wardrobe. So while AMC leaves us hanging until the new year, at least we can have a little Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in our lives, although I leave the afternoon office drinking up to you.

Drooling over Don,

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