Teen Choice Awards 2011

This past Sunday the Teen Choice surfboards were awarded to the best singer, actor, kiss, fashion icon and ultimate hottie.  As these awards are voted by todays youth, the red carpet has a much younger, low-key appeal.  As with all red-carpet events, I watched with wide-eyes ready to make my explicit critiques.  Here are my top hits and misses of the evening:


Taylor Swift, Nina Dobrev, Blake Lively (my ultimate fashion crush), Cameron Diaz, Rachel Bilson and Zoe Saldana were the clear front-runners for me.  They all sported classic silhouettes with interesting colour (but also included white!) and pattern choices. Honourable mentions also go out to: Elizabeth Banks (this is controversial but I actually like it), Kaley Cucuoco (a bit much for Teen Choice but still attractive) and Avril Lavigne, (surprising, I know but it’s best she’s ever done)


Clear misses for me: Fergie, Demi Levato, and Tyra Banks. Do any of these really need an explanation?

Another year gone and many more surfboards awarded,  I wonder when or if I will I ever get MY surfboard?  Do they give surfboards for blogging?

Your surfboard-dreaming fairy,


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2 Responses to Teen Choice Awards 2011

  1. Candice Chiu says:

    Love all the outfits!!!

  2. Daria says:

    I’m feeling Summer’s dress!

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