Canadian Spotlight: Smythe

Since the visit from the Royals, Smythe clothing has received what seems like an instant boost of popularity.  Kate sent Smythe navy blue blazer sales into orbit when she was seen wearing one while departing from London on her way to Canada; she loved the blazer so much, she decided to wear it again during her trip to Alberta (in true Kate style, wearing items multiple times).  The Toronto-based company is known for making impeccably well-tailored blazers, coats and vests.  As one of my ten essential wardrobe pieces, a blazer is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be taken from work to cocktail in a flash.  The updated “deconstructed” blazer is my new favorite thing (having just added one to my wardrobe recently) offering a much more casual look yet still remaining polished.

Since the launch in 2004, Smythe has been popularized by many celebrities including Liv Tyler, Rachel Bilson and my ultimate style crush: Blake Lively!  It’s no wonder Kate needed to have one of her own.  Smythe clothing can be purchased at TNT and Holt Refrew stores across the country.

Remember, a well contructed blazer will last you years and years.   Stick to classic shapes for these investment pieces and you won’t regret spending a few extra bucks.

Your blazer wearing fashion fairy,


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