Bluesfest Is Here-What Are YOU Wearing?

Summer is the best for many reasons: patios, cottages, warm weather, and one of my personal favourites, music festivals.  Growing up on everything from classical to classic rock (and of course my beloved motown) I’ve been seeing live music for as long as I can remember.
If you ask me, there is nothing better than a warm summer night at an outdoor concert with friends, so it’s no surprise that I am writing this a bit blurry-eyed well into week two of the Ottawa Bluesfest.

The key to dressing for outdoor concerts, or outdoor venues of any sort is comfort and weather-appropriate. Luckily this year we have been blessed with amazing weather-for the most part-which makes clothing choices a lot easier.

Rule number one: Choose clothes that are light-weight and breathable. You do not want to be hot and sweaty!
Rule number two: Wear practical clothes. Wearing fancy and flashy clothes is very impractical, no one is there to look at your outfit, they are there to listen to the music!
Rule number three: Proper dancing shoes! Most music festivals are at open parks and on grass fields so wearing heels is not the smartest choice. Your feet and legs will hate you by the next day.

I’ve seen lots of floral prints, long flowy skirts, cropped tops and rompers; all of these are great options for staying cool and cute.

Here are a few options to inspire you:

Click here and here for more inspiration.

Your bluesfest babe,


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