Purple Haze

Purple haze all around, Jimi said it best. We might not be talking about the same kind of haze but purple is a great summer colour, and picked in the right shade can carry you all through the year. For the warmer months however picking a lighter shade, like lilac or violet is a better option.

Here are my purple picks:















Normally I like to use pictures showcasing the same shade but I thought this would give you an idea of just how great purple can look. The Bieb’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in a jewel toned frock, Hayden Panettiere adds a burst of colour with her indigo -coloured J Brands, Alexa Chung in a lovely lilac colour and Eva Mendes in a very light, almost pinky purple.

With wedding season upon us, Selena’s dress would be a great cocktail dress, and for those lazy Sunday afternoons a dress like Alexa’s would be a casual yet feminine choice.

Here are some other options:

1.  Purple feathered earrings, AMH Style, $6
2. Gravis soft lyrca flats, Gravity Pope, $25 (on sale)

3. Sophie vest top, French Connection, $20 (on sale) 
4.  Silk print tank, Banana Republic, $85
5. TNA Classic Fit Hoodie, Aritzia, $69
6. Bird is the Word Necklace, Modcloth, $18

I find some people are a bit wary of wearing purple, thinking that it’s too juvenile-looking or they just aren’t sure how to wear it or what to wear it with.
A few tips:
-Wearing it in a sophisticated fabric i.e. silk-looks less childish.
-Pairing it with brown or grey makes a great colour combination.
-As for jewellery, when in doubt metallics are a sure hit (especially gold).
-If you aren’t ready to commit quite yet, try it out with an accessory.

Your lilac-loving fashion fairy,

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