Summertime And The Living Is Easy

With summer (officially) just around the corner, it’s time to put away the jeans and pull out the jumpers. As nice as it would be to buy a whole new wardrobe each season, it’s just not economical so buying a few new essentials are key to getting you through the upcoming warm days and nights.

The trick is to buy items that can be incorporated with what you already own-and nobody knows that best but you-so my advice would be to look at all your summer items BEFORE you shop so you only buy what you need.

Purchasing these essential pieces are worth the investment, they’ll be able to be worn day or night and dressed up or down so spending a bit more than you might normally do is okay! The number one item I highly recommend you don’t cheap out on is shoes, nothing is worse than walking around wincing just to save a few dollars. 
I’d be interested in seeing if band-aid sales correlate with flat and sandal season because the number of girls I see walking around with sore, bandaged ankles is just unfortunate!

Summer Essentials (other than a mojito and a manicure!)

1. A light, print scarf
It’s no secret I will try and wear a scarf at any occasion with any outfit. A print one will pair perfectly with a neutal outfit or with your jean shorts and a white T. Make sure its a LIGHT or sheer fabric, it is summer after all.

2. A Crossover Bag
This is the ideal bag for summer as it’s light-weight and frees up your hands! Perfect for music festivals or the patio.

3. A Maxi Skirt
No longer just for the cast of Big Love, these long, flowy skirts are a great summer staple because of their ease and versatility. A few tips to keep in mind for this look: stick to jersey or knit materials and show a little skin elsewhere to avoid looking stuffy.

4. Bold Accessories
The most affordable option for updating your wardrobe, buying a few bold pieces of jewellery can instantly add colour to an outfit.  A few chunky bangles (my personal favourite) or a flashy pair of earrings will do the trick.




 5. Espadrilles or Wedges
These jute rope soled shoes are as comfy as flip-flops but are a more polished look. These are great with shorts or a dress so spend the money on good ones, your feet will thank you!

6. Nautical Stripes
Most commonly worn in a shirt, these stripes are great with shorts, a skirt, white pants or under a structured blazer. Looks great when paired with silver jewellery.


7. Ultimate Summer Dress
When in doubt, throw on a dress. Its been years since I wore dresses daily but with the humidity in full force, it’s the best way to keep cool. Find one in a bold pattern or even in a white lace-just changing up your shoes and accessories will allow you to wear it anytime, any place.





8. Shorts
Perhaps my favourite summer item, shorts are another great versatile piece to add this season. If you’re only buying one pair, a black structured pair is your best bet as it’s easily worn with both flip-flops and a loose t-shirt or heels and a blazer.


So there you have it, the MaisonStyle Essential Summer List. Spend your money wisely (I repeat, do not buy cheap shoes!), and enjoy it while you can because we Canadians know summer is too short to miss out on!

Your sangria-sipping fashion fairy,


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