Sister Act 2: Frou Frou & Pom Pom

Oh sister where art thou? We apologize for our slight disappearing act, life seems to have caught up with both of us lately.  Who knew blogging required as much time as a full-time job?! (we now do!)

But we are back now and excited to tell you all about our second sister act: Frou Frou and Pom Pom.

Frou Frou shoes

As their name implies, these two stores are filled with eclectic, fun and unique pieces.  (Pom Pom, and Frou Frou are also part of a larger family which includes the Sassy Bead Company and Bank Street Framing).  The same theme is carried out throughout all these stores and definitely hit a high note with us. 



Frou Frou is located on William St. in the Byward market and is attached to the Sassy Bead Company.  The store is filled with interesting, funky merchandise.  We personally were big fans of their large accessory displays of shoes, bags, scarves and hats.  You’ll find shoes from various countries and styles ranging from cowboy boots to Fly London loafers.  There are plenty of summer dresses, cozy pants and tops to keep you browsing for hours. 

As there many pairs of shoes that we drooled over, we unfortunately couldn’t buy all of them. So we came up with the brilliant idea to share the cost of a pair! (ah the benefits of wearing the same size!) We both have been searching for the perfect 70s style summer heel and we immediately fell in love with this pair.

Pinot Noir $175

 Pom Pom has two locations: one on Greenbank in Nepean and one in the Glebe beside Bank St. Framing and across the street from Sassy Bead co (a very close family indeed!).  Like Frou Frou, you will find loads of jewellery, bags and a wide array of shoes.  Many of their merchandise is similar to what is carried at Frou Frou, however, Pom Pom also offers a large selection of event dresses perfect for upcoming prom or summer weddings.  As with most boutiques, you will only find a few of the same dresses so you are sure to avoid any awkward encounters at a party with someone wearing the same outfit as you. Our favorite dress is pictured below and gives you a taste of what to expect. 

Pom Pom shoes

 Both stores are reasonably priced and offer pieces that likely cannot be found anywhere else in the city.  It’s a “must-stop” to find something the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. 

Pom Pom dress display

Pom Pom dress rack

And, in following with our newly devised brilliant economic plan, we also bought a pair of black high heels that would make your jaw drop.

Pinot Noir $175

We hope you enjoy the funkiness as much as we did.

 Back in the act, your fashion fairies

M & R

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