A Birthday Beauty

I’m not one to have “birthday lists”. I’m fortunate enough to have many nice things already, and I much prefer to be surprised at the thoughtful, wonderful gifts I receive instead. As was such when my birthday rolled around this year and I received a beautiful scarf from my father (yes ladies, Dads can have a fashion sense!).

This colourful, lightweight scarf is especially perfect for right now as it’s not a heavy winter scarf, but it’s warm enough for the spring breeze.
I was even more impressed when I saw that the scarftress (yes, I made that term up but it’s appropriate) is Judith Rygiel, a local artist from Nepean.










The scarf came with this little bio:
“Judith Rygiel creates fine silk cloth that resembles the colours of Northern lights, flowers in gardens, gasoline slicks and rusts on cars. Hand painting the warp threads with acid based dyes is a time consuming process but one that allows the 15 to 20 colours in each piece to flow and blend. Another source of inspiration is her intimate acquaintance with 19th century Canadian domestic textiles.”

Where to buy?
My scarf came from a store in Toronto, The Guild Shop.
I didn’t have much luck finding where to purchase here in Ottawa, but I did find it at The Grotto Artworks in Merrickville.

So think twice before giving out a birthday list, you never know what unexpected treasure you’ll get instead!


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