Travel Trend: China & Taiwan

It’s been a very busy few months for me, and while my jetlag is on a whole other level, my frequent flyer miles have skyrocketed and the fashion inspiration is overflowing.

China and Taiwan were two of my most recent stops and let me tell you, they know fashion. The style, to no surprise, is extremely individualistic and creative. There are no “rules” on what to wear or how to wear it and that only allows for more interesting and eye-catching outfits. Case in point: while climbing the Great Wall there were girls in high heels and one in a tutu!

tutu climbing the Great Wall in Beijing

Check out a recently blogged tutu option we found right here in ottawa.

Pattern with pattern (and then more pattern!) While many here in North America have reservations about mixing pattern with different patterns but in China, it’s everywhere you look. All over the place girls would be wearing two, three even four different patterns together and it looked fabulous!

Another style that was everywhere (and is starting to make an appearance here) is shorts over tights. Leggings, nylons, spandex, you name it it’s being worn and the most fun is to wear them in bright colours and pair it with a neutral short. Feeling daring? With colour block being a huge trend this spring, pairing a bright short with a bright tight will also be fresh.

For visual inspiration, here are some H-wooders sporting the trend:

shorts over tights

As for footwear, moccasins, which have been popular for a few years now, are huge. These comfy, no non-sense shoes are seen with almost everything. The great thing about these is they come in tall, mid-calf, or ankle height and are the perfect weekend or casual footwear.





You can find mocassins at many locations given their popularity but recently I’ve found them at the Byward Bargain Centre (38 Byward Market Square). Minnetonka, one of the most popular moccasin brands offer a broad range of styles and colours. You can find these at great prices online at Zappos.

It’s always fun to look through magazines to check out the latest and greatest but it’s even more fun to see these fashions actually being worn on the everyday person. It allows you to imagine yourself wearing these and gives you new inspiration on how to wear them and what to wear them with. So even though I may be a walking zombie, at least I’ll be one in bright tights and cute shorts! Although for now, I’ll stick to my to runners for the Great Wall…

Till the next travel,


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2 Responses to Travel Trend: China & Taiwan

  1. Natalie says:

    You wore runners on a trip to the great wall? You were only walking mel…. Not flying! What a fashion faux pas..

  2. MaisonStyle says:

    Dear Natalie,
    Thanks for the comment. You will be happy to know that I was merely using it as a figure of speech and that I actually wore my Frye grey over-the-knee riding boots. Don’t worry, always stylish:)

    Keep reading!

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