Red Carpet Wrap-Up: Bringing Hollywood Home

Despite award season being over, we always think there’s reason to dress up so we went on a quest to find red carpet inspired looks.   We say “inspired” as our lives aren’t quite glamorous enough to require such elaborate dresses (and if yours is, we’re jealous), but it’s still nice to incorporate some of the Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe themes into a fun piece for an evening out.

Although somewhat of a tall order, with some digging we managed to find several dresses that we think fit the bill-without raising it!  Searching through several stores in Ottawa and the surrounding area (BCBG, BCBG outlet, Le Chateau and Hush) we found dozens of options.  Without further a-do, roll out your carpets Ottawa (red or not!), pop the champagne and dish the caviar, we’re ready!

We featured Julianne Hough in our Grammy piece as we fell in love with her bright and flowy maxi dress.  We found several options around town.

BCBG outlet long printed dress $317

BCBG outlet halter maxi dress $209

Le Chateau maxi $225







Hilary Swank sported a feather and ombre (french for shadow) dress at this year’s Oscars.  I personally love feathers as they always add interest to a piece and never go out of style.  We found these three dresses that took from those same themes:

tulle ruffled ombre dress

BCBG black feather top dress

BCBG black feather trim dress $147







One of our favourites was Jennifer Lopez in short sequins, Kelly Osborne in ruffled organza and shiny and sleek Selena Gomez.

BCBG outlet black and grey sequin and beaded dress $89 (was $589)

BCBG nude organza ruffle dress $233

BCBG white halter gown$268








Last but definitely not least, some more favourites inspired the young Hailee Steinfeld’s princess dress, January Jones‘ fringe and how could we forget Scarlett’s lace!

Hush - Betsey Johnson black dress $180

BCBG black fringe dress $578

le Chateau plum lace dress $129.95








Sadly, that concludes award season for Hollywood and Ottawa. Now, can someone give me an event to attend?!  With so many great options, it’s hard for me not to indulge!

One half of your fashion fairies,


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