Travel Trends: Steals and deals born in the U.S.A.

While we do enjoy shopping locally and discovering Canadian designers, we have the privilege of travelling quite frequently.  This week, while both being away in the US, we thought it would be appropriate to write about outlet shopping.  I know what you are thinking: “outlet shopping tends to be mediocre at best” or that they require too much digging to find the gems.

Good thing you have us!

Good outlet shopping is quite the opposite- in the land of stars and stripes they offer discount shopping for everyone in every state.  Over the years, we’ve become quite savvy at this outlet shopping business and the Chelsea Premium Outlets are by far the best options. They are located in many states across the US, the closest to Ottawa being the Waterloo location, only a few hours away in upper state NY.  We’ve never been disappointed! You can get Nine West shoes for $30 and Coach bags for a quarter of the original price.  Check out the Woodbury Commons list of shops, it will make you drool!  Ferragamo, Fendi, DVF, YSL, Versace, Missoni and even our own Lululemon – the list is to die for with over 200 stores!

This week, in two of America’s sunniest states, we’ve scored some pretty amazing deals:

Michael Kors black purse - US$120 (retails US$398)

Coach black feather wristlet US$120 (retails for US$395)

Poppy Occasional Red sequined handbag, Coach. $70 (Retails US$198)

"Kristin" Black patent-leather hobo, Coach. $160 (Retails US$398)

Green cargo pant, Gap. $22 (Retails US$54.99)

Michael Kors Black and Silver Zipper dress US$30 (retails for US$150)

In order to bring back your designer pieces at these discount prices remember the custom allowances to avoid any issues: You need to be in the US for at least 24 hrs to bring anything back (yes, even a pair of socks). You need 48hrs for $400 and should you have a week at March break, your allowance bumps up to $750 (and that’s the max.). *Please note, these are Canadian numbers.

Happy shopping! And as always, if you find an amazing deal we’d love to hear about it!

Your fashion fairies,


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