Tip-toe through the tulips in your turquoise

Spring is coming and the runways are blooming.
Wiarton Willie saw his shadow so I’m saying it’s official: time to trade in our winter layers for sheer ones and toques for fedoras. Fashion comrades get excited because this season’s fashions are vivid and beautiful-spring fashions having me itching for the snow to melt! Between M and me, we have every magazine on the stands and we have soaked up every single page. There are so many irresistible, dynamic and wearable trends this season that it hard to pick my favourite, but I’ve managed to narrow down the list to the ones I’ll definitely be wearing.

Bright and Bold
Colour, colour and more colour! Bright pinks, oranges, blues and yellows are the vibrant hues that are popping up all over the runways. If you aren’t comfortable wearing coral or tangerine, try wearing them in a tank, paired with a neutral bottom.

Or, if you’re colour-shy all together (which is tragic) never fear, whites and neutrals are also here! Forget leaving white to brides only, white is now for anyone and everyone. I am LOVING how white is walking down the aisle this season.

Two-toned blue dress. Rachel Roy

Yellow, 3/4 length dress. Michael Kors

Red flared trench. Tommy Hilfiger




Hot pink & orange tank, Wilfred. $60 at Aritizia.

Turquoise scoop-neck dress. BCBG Outlet

Python, Petals & Pattern
Another favourite of mine coming back are prints: florals, animal, geometric patterns. You name it, if it’s bold and patterned it’s in. Prints do not mean Scary Spice-although she was my favourite-prints can be in a sweet, floral sweater or the perfect leopard print peep-toe. If you’re feeling a little wilder, there are some dramatic prints out there (check out Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line for inspiration). Don’t be afraid to experiment, but if you’re hesitant keep them paired with a neutral or only match the pattern with a small accessory in the same patterned family.

Python peep-toe heels, BCBG Outlet

Long animal-print blouse, Winners.

Saturday night fever turns into everyday heat
Jackie and Donna would be right at home . The 70s are back and in all the right ways; long, layered and breezy silhouettes, boho style blouses and my favourite, the ultimate wide-leg and high-waisted pants. These pants (especially jeans) are definitely worth the investment and a definite must-buy. Love how these look but not sure how to pull them off? My advice is to make sure you’re wearing a fitted top so you don’t drown yourself in material. A platform or wedge show to add height doesn’t hurt either! As for accessories, big floppy hats, silk scarves and stacked bangles tie the retro look together.

White pant, flower blouse, Marc Jacobs.

Wide-leg jeans, white button-up shirt. Derek Lam

Full outfit, Elie Tahari.

Brown, polka-dot Serendipity blouse. $72 on sale at Victoire

Vintage beach postcard, blue and white frosted bangle, R

As the scene in the Devil Wears Prada has taught us “this stuff” can be found at all levels of retail. We’ve found great items at The Bay (they carry Rachel Roy), Winners for prints, Club Monaco for whites and neutrals and BCBG Outlet for bright colours. Also try Allegro for second-hand steals on 70s gear!
So get out there and spend your money wisely because if spring is this good I can’t wait to see what’s in store for summer!
*Note: Runway photos are from Harper’s Bazaar
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6 Responses to Tip-toe through the tulips in your turquoise

  1. Camilou says:

    turquoise: YES!

    polka dot blouse from Victoire… I wish! Need to get myself a job pronto.

    • MaisonStyle says:

      there are lots of ways to wear turquoise without spending a lot of money, try finding it in a headscarf or a piece of jewelry. as for the blouse, trying looking at second-hand stores for 70s styles, not everything needs to be expensive! have fun

  2. Camilou says:

    great advice, merci beaucoup!

  3. Corrine says:

    I’m loving turquoise nail polish. OPI Texas Spring/Summer 2011 Collection’s “Austintatious Turquoise” is gorgeous. http://www.opi.com I think it’s the same shade as your dress.

  4. MaisonStyle says:

    Nail polish is a fantastic way to wear this season’s trends – it’s simple and cheap and totally stylish! Good job Corrine – perhaps the style runs in the family:)


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